About us


Fidus Ltd. was founded in 2008 as the successor to the BD Fidus - Stefanov and Co "and successor to his 20-year history.
The company owns the trademark Fidus Flora ®. Based on wholesale and retail is located on Tosho Katev, Pavlikeni.
The company team has twenty years experience in working with plants.
Guidelines for the Development of Fidus Ltd.:
  * Production and supply of ornamental plants and fruit trees and shrubs for wholesale and retail.
  * Design, construction and maintenance of parks and gardens.
  * Supply of custom large-sized plants in Italy and Germany.
  * For the first time in Bulgaria organized shopping tours for owners of garden centers and retail customers with manufacturers from Italy, Germany, Holland and Belgium
  * Packaging of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs for retail sale in supermarkets, shops and garden centers.
  * Fidus Ltd. is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Plants in Trade Ltd., Dominik GmbH, Agri Vivai srl, Codru Nord and a group of twelve producers of plants from Pistoia, Italy.